A big bear hug welcome to Serenity How!

I am so excited to meet with you here. I imagine us, sitting in a picturesque living room, some flowers and a lit candle on the coffee table, sharing our stories over a lunch spread I made specially for your arrival. We both are open and vulnerable, and in turn meet each other with the love and acceptance we need to keep going. Nowhere to be but right here in this moment with each other.

Connection is the thing I cherish most in the whole world. I see it as the vibration of life moving from one individual into another through sight, speech, touch, and even thought.

There is no bigger goal I have for this space than to connect with you. And how do I know who you are? Well you are a treasured kindred spirit, proven by you having found your way here. We found each other because we have something to give each other. If you know me from having spent time with me in person, please know I am touched and grateful that you would come and share this space with me. If we have never met, it is pure universal guidance that has brought us together. We do not have to meet in a specific time for us to become connected in our journey, and we do not have to meet in a specific place for us to exchange life force. Let us defy the limitations of the material world and harness our power into a unified energy, an energy that can create strategic change in our universe.

I am here asking you to join me in spirit for the purpose of finding our serenity: that metaphysical place where we are in communion with every person we need; a community of love and support that we can recline into like our favorite lounge chair at the end of a long day. As an individual we can feel woefully incomplete and inadequate, but joined together as like-minded champions we can unearth the truth and beauty of life. In unison we can conquer and rest in the same moment. As we commune with each other we see reflected in ourselves richness and loveliness we did not even know we possessed; because in the space between us — the point of contact, our existence is redefined. The power of connection fundamentally changes us and brings forth the harvest we thought was out of our reach.

I have so much in my heart that I long to express and manifest into existence. This space is my diving board. Please be my water, and let us run deep together.

Loads of love,

I want to dedicate this site to my beautiful mother who believed in the power of relationship above all. Mom, I believe in you, I believe the grave cannot hold you down. Our relationship will surpass the bounds of mortality, for love is eternal. I am publishing this first post today: February 9th in celebration of my mom’s Birthday. Nothing is lost that can’t be found.